Product Guide

Custom solutions

We are able to quote custom designs and solutions in a variety of scientific sensing applications.  Some of our current projects include:

  • Multi-channel 16 bit high precision voltage monitoring of batteries, fuel and electrolyzer cell stacks with up to 132 isolated channels
  • Specialty 3-D printed USB-powered shutters and filter assemblies for scientific applications
  • Re-mount your existing Site (TK1024), Kodak or E2V CCD sensor in our modern camera frame with USB interface
  • Instrument-based imaging assemblies for specialty applications incorporating either CCD or CMOS sensors


  • HighQE Cam Sensation incorporating shutter, filter and focusing technology
    • Cooled low noise, low dark current (-40C below ambient)
    • 16-bit sampling, programmable gain
    • Reduced amplifier glow
    • Light weight (~1kg 3D printed camera frame)
    • Our  PICTAVORE reference image acquisition and processing software
    • Our ASCOM compliant driver (supports filter and focusing assemblies)
  • Standalone light weight, compact, and USB powered filter assembly.
  • Standalone light weight, compact, and USB powered focuser assembly.
  • Images


  • Workshops
    • We provide a camera kit and instruction.
    • Training on one of our telescopes at our observation site in dark central NY. 
      • 16” RC,  6” APO, 10” Dall-Kirkham,  14” SCT
  • Signal and Image Processing Course at Monroe Community College, Rochester NY.