About Us

Polyphotonics LLC

Polyphotonics is a company that specializes in custom design work and prototyping in the scientific imaging and electronic sensors. We offer innovative solutions that utilize state-of-the-art 3D printing technology providing the end user with a cost effective development cycle and final product.

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Meet the Polyphotonics Team

George Fazekas

George is our CEO and President.  He brings 25 years of experience in marketing, consulting, and design of cooled, low-noise and low light imaging cameras. He was the co-founder of Finger Lakes Instrumentation (FLI).  As CEO/CFO of FLI, George designed the venerable “Dream Machine” camera. This one-of-a kind camera utilized the famous SITe TK1024 back illuminated sensor of the sort used in the Hubble Space Telescope.  While at FLI, he was also instrumental in the design of FLI’s unique stand-alone focuser and integrated camera shutter. 

George was a full professor for 34 years at a local community college where he taught courses involving embedded controllers, sensors, programming, camera design, and digital image signal processing. 

George recently retired from academia in order to dedicate himself full-time to the growth of Polyphotonics. His focus will primarily be consulting and developing products for the biotech, environmental, and optical industries.

Lesley Dudek

Les handles our circuit board layouts and production.  He brings 22 years of experience working with photoreceptors, inkjet print head process physics and image analysis from his tenure at Xerox Research.  

In addition to his work at Polyphotonics, Les also teaches Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing of Sensors, Python, and Problem Solving and Robotics at a local community college.

Dennis Venable

Dennis handles our 3D design, prototyping and production. Dennis is also our application software engineer.  He brings 35 years of experience working with image analysis and recognition, robotic vision and controls, education and software architecture from his tenure at Xerox Research.

In addition to his work at Polyphotonics, Dennis also teaches Java Data Structures, Signal and Image Processing, and camera design at a local community college.

David Vogel

Dave handles our website production and advertising. He is retired from a 30+ year career as a synthetic organic chemist at Eastman Kodak Company. College days hobbies of microcomputer software/hardware and later web design have been emphasized in retirement with involvement in various microelectronic projects.